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Enhance your experience with any of these wonderful add-on treatments for ultimate restoration!


Eco-Fin Hand and Foot Treatment

Soften your overworked hands and feet with this plant based,eco-friendly paraffin alternative.  Using heated mittens and footies, this treatment delivers rich moisturizers leaving the skin soft and supple! 

$15/ Hands & Feet    $10/ Hands or Feet


Hot Stone

Smooth, flat heated stones are used to open up severly tense muscles at key points of the body encouraging ultimate relaxion. 

*Please call ahead of time to book this add-on to allow the stones to pre-heat.   

$10/ Tension Areas

$25/ Full Body


Exfoliation Scrub

Remove that dull layer of skin to reveal a smoother, brighter, healthier, glowing YOU!

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub / Lavender Dream Salt Scrub

*For maximum results, combine with Svedana treatment before massage and also take an additional $10 off your massage.

$45/ 30 minute 



Ayurvedic herbs are infused with milk for this nourishing and skin brightening treatment.  Unveil beautiful, glowing, smooth skin!

*For maximum results, combine with Svedana treatment before massage and also take an additional $10 off your massage.

$55/ 30 minute Face & Body     $45/ 30 minute Body Only      $20/ 30 minute Face Only

Hydration Cacoon

Quench your body's thirst, REPLENISH YOUR SKIN!! Hydrating mud is applied over the entire body and delicately wrapped in a warm, peaceful cocoon allowing the skin to absorb the nourishing minerals.  

*For maximum results, combine with Svedana treatment before massage and also take an additional $10 off your massage.

$45/ 30 minute


Clarifying Cacoon

This Clarifying Clay Wrap is specially geared to relieve congested skin. 
This treatment works GREAT for those with body acne and black heads! 
Once applied, you will be wrapped in a warm cocoon to let this mud work its MAGIC! 

*For maximum results, combine with Svedana treatment before massage and also take an additional $10 off your massage.

$45/ 30 minute



Localized pain therapy for specified areas of the body. A dam made of gram flour is placed on specific, problematic areas of the body and is filled with warm, medicated oil.  As the skin absorbs the nutrients from the oil, these restorative treatments are geared to nourish and strengthen muscles and nerves, increase circulation in the region, relieve chronic pain, soreness, tension, and restore flexibility to that area.  Great for muscle stiffness and spasms. 

All Basti's are $45/ 30 minutes


Choose from the following selection:


Nabhi Basti (Naval) (also known as Chakra Basti)

The nabhi marma point (chakra vital point) is the vital center where 72,000 subtle energy channels converge. Nabhi Basti treatment balances digestive fire, strengthens digestion and absorption, balances the nervous system, facilitates the release of deep seated emotions, nourishes and rebuilds the energy centers and increases immunity. 

*Beneficial for IBS, flatulence, constipation, poor appetite, abdominal pain/ discomfort, overall dryness, sadness and depression.  


Netra Basti (Eyes) 

  EXCELLENT for alleviating eye strain caused by excessive computer use! 

*Beneficial for dry eyes, blurred/ poor vision, redness, eye pain, falling eye lashes and whitening the sclera of the eyes. Ghee, rose and cooling cucumber are infused into this nourishing treatment! 


Kati Basti (Low Back)

*Beneficial for low back pain, sciatica, herniated and ruptured discs, and arthritis.


Janu Basti (Knees)

*Beneficial for chronic pain and inflamation, arthritis, and osteoperosis of the knees.    


Greeva Basti (Neck)

*Beneficial for chronic neck pain and stiffness, whiplash, cervical spondylosis, cervical disc lesion, tingling/ numbness in hands, frozen shoulder, vertigo, and compression fractures.




Svedana is a form of detoxification therapy that uses an herbal steam to release toxins from the body through the skin. From Sanskrit, sveda means “perspiration" or "sweat.” During this exquisite herbal steam treatment, medicinal herbs help to clear energy passages, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. This treatment aids in the elimination of toxins or "ama," that are deeply rooted in the body.  Relieve muscular tension, inflammation and restore flexibility while detoxifying the body. Beneficial for hypertension, blood pressure and circulation.  Scalp massage included. Truly restoring and relaxing!

(Complete your massage with this detoxifying session, take an additional $10 off your massage.) 

  $65 /30 minutes


Peppermint Infused Foot Scrub and Reflexology Foot Massage

You will ABSOLUTELY fall in love with our peppermint infused foot treatment!  Reflexology is the ancient technique of foot massage and peppermint infused oil benefits tired achy feet and lower extremities. Focus is on pressure points which correspond to the body's vital organs increase energy and promotes an overall sense of well-being. 

$45/ 30 minute

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