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Abhyanga Massage

A luxuriously relaxing full-body massage that uses warm herbal infused oil designed to balance the doshas, nourish skin, remove toxins, and sooth accumulated stress from the body.  Abhyanga also aids joint health, lymphatic drainage, promotes peaceful sleep and slows the aging process. Treating the mind, body and spirit, this ayurvedic session is designed to bring one's complete self back to harmonious balance for optimal health, harmony, and well-being.  Your session is tailored to meet your needs and restore balance within your specific doshas.  

(*Please also refer to the page, "Understanding the Tridosha," for a more in-depth detail.)   

Traditional Abhyanga is performed by 2 therapists using synchronized strokes creating a rhythmic blissful massage session.  If you prefer to use just one therapist to perform the session, we can accommodate that request as well. 

 Two Therapists: 60 / 90 minute

 $90 / $120

 One Therapist:   60 / 90 minute

 $75 / $105

*Personalized Ayurvedic Treatment Plans are also available to assist you in achieving and maintaining a more vibrant state of health. Guidance, recommendations, treatments, and herbal medicines are tailored to suit your individual needs as you convert toward a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to keep your doshas in balance and live free of disease. Feel free to contact me for further information.


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